Parent and coach

Last week a dilemma came up. I was asked if I would be willing to help out as an assistant coach with an U10 boys team next year. My son is the same age but plays for another club so that would mean moving him as well. He is a very decent football player so most local clubs would be very happy to have him.  With three children and one car we have to be at the same place on a Saturday morning though.  What to do?

As I have an UEFA B-licence I have invested a lot of my time to become a coach, I have done this as I really enjoy it.  I was helping out somewhat with my son’s current team but they were not really interested in my input as a coach, I was just another adult at the training sessions as the group is very big.   The way they decided to do things was not the way I would have done at all so I decided to leave as more parents had come forward to help anyway. Now there is another team interested in what I can offer.  (Both teams have coaches with leader’s awards but there are no C-certificates or B-licence coaches involved.)

I have decided to let my son do a few training sessions with the new team (he knows a few players there from rugby) and then let him decide what he wants to do, at the moment he wants  to stay with his old team. I do find it frustrating standing on the sideline not being able to say anything when I see things in training or in a match that could easily be coached and improved upon. I am a good parent though and keep quiet 🙂  However, maybe it’s good for my son to be coached by someone else (I already coach him once  a week in an independent academy). I also coach three teams already so better for me as well?   

There is also the issue that one team has a working club organisation behind it (his current team) while the other has a few teams but only in a few age groups.

Oh well, enjoyment for the little one is the main thing really so I will leave it to him. He will be playing rugby this weekend even though I have been told that there will be scouts at his football game from Swansea City. At the moment he wants to be a rugby player and in his blue scrum cap and number 7 on his back he’s doing really well. His favourite player is Justin Tipuric whom he tries to learn from and I am happy with that! 



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